Contact Me

If you would like to get in touch about anything to do with the UNICORN ACADEMY TV series then please contact Nosy Crow, the UNICORN ACADEMY publishers. The email to use is (unless it is a rights query in which case the email to use is or you can write to:

Unicorn Academy
c/o Nosy Crow Publicity
Wheat Wharf
27a Shad Thames

You can find answers to some of the Unicorn Academy questions Julie and I get asked most often on the Unicorn Academy page of this website. You'll find the questions and answers after the book covers, just keep scrolling down!

If you would like to email me then the email to use is If you are under fourteen, please get your parents' permission first and although I love hearing that people have written stories inspired by my books, I am really sorry but I cannot read or comment on any stories that are sent.

If you would like to contact me about STAR FRIENDS, MERMAIDS ROCK or MAGIC KEEPERS and you would prefer to write and send by post rather than email then please use this postal address:

Linda Chapman
c/o Stripes Publicity
Little Tiger Press
1 Coda Studios
189 Munster Road

(It does sometimes take the letters a while to reach me so apologies if there is a delay)