A Pony Called Angel

Everyone needs a guardian angel - particularly one who's a pony!

A Pony called AngelWhen Rosie gets the chance to look after a beautiful pony for the Easter holidays it's like a dream come true. Angel proves to be a very special pony indeed - not just pretty but very clever too. Soon Rosie and Angel are having lots of fun at Orchard Stables, making friends, helping with the pony days and trying to stop older girls, Helena and Jo, from playing their dangerous game of dares. But what will happen when the holidays end? Will Rosie be able to persuade her mum and dad to let Angel stay or will she and Angel be forced to say goodbye?

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A Pony called Angel was inspired by my daughter's Welsh pony, Angel. The real-life Angel can be a bit cheeky but she is very loving and she always looks after whoever is riding her and that made me start thinking about a story where a pony acts like a guardian angel. The Angel in the books isn't a magic pony but she is incredibly clever and always seems to be there at the right moment to help Rosie and to save the day. I love writing about girls and their friendships, about people having fun with ponies and about how you deal with people who are being mean so the series ended up being about all those things too. The series is only available through Amazon but you can buy it as either a paperback or e-book through their website. If you like books about ponies and friendship then I REALLY hope you enjoy reading about Angel's adventures!

The real Angel in action
The real Angel in action