Well, I told you I had a secret identity... Alex Cliff is really me! I wanted to write some books that were for boys and for girls who like adventure stories, books with monsters and adventures and magic in and so I wrote Superpowers. I decided to write it under the name Alex Cliff so that people reading it wouldn't think it was going to have fairies and unicorns in. I had great fun writing this series and they are very popular. If you read them I hope you enjoy them.


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cover - Super Powers: The Deadly Stink

Seven Days…

Seven Superpowers…

Seven Impossible Tasks…

Two ordinary boys!

When Max and Fin find Hercules trapped by magic in the wall of an old castle, they know they have to help him. But the only way is by completing seven impossible, life-threatening tasks in seven days. Each day one of the boys will get to have one of Hercules superpowers but even with that will they really be able to capture the sabre-toothed lion, kill the river monster, empty a stable of a thousand years of horse poo, capture the giant boar, trap nine man-eating birds, defeat the three-headed dog and move a herd of wild bulls? Join Max and Fin on their roller-coaster ride of action, excitement and fun!

Age 5+