Skating School

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cover - Skating School: White Skate Wishes  cover - Skating School: Violet Skate Friends  cover - Skating School: Scarlet Skate Magic  cover - Skating School: Pink Skate Party

Would you like to go to a school where you have ice-skating lessons? A school where frost fairies wake you up in the morning and tiny ice dragons are your friends?

The people who live in the Land of Ice and Winter have a problem and only a human girl who loves ice-skating can help them. Join Emily and the other girls who get whisked away to the Magical Ice-Skating Academy – a school where all the lessons are fun. As well as ice skating, the girls also have great fun doing things like cross-country skiing, husky driving, tobogganing and camping in the forests. At the end of six weeks one of the girls will become the Ice Princess but who will it be?

A sparkling new series for those of you who like reading about good friends, magic and lots of snowy fun!

cover - Skating School: Blue Skate Dreams  cover - Skating School: Silver Skate Surprise  cover - Skating School: Saphire Skate Fun  cover - Skating School: Amber Skate Star