Best Friends Bakery

Ten-year-old Hannah Hallett is baking-mad and when her mum opens the Sugar and Spice bakery it’s like a dream come true, well, apart from Hannah having to move house and change school in the middle of Year 6. What if she doesn’t make any new friends? What if she hates her new school? And what if the bakery is a flop?  Follow Hannah as she starts her new life and makes new friends. From helping at the bakery to being on a TV show, matchmaking to fund-raising, Hannah’s life always seems to contains plenty of sugar and spice! There are four books in the series so far: Sugar and Spice, A Spoonful of Secrets, Cupcakes and Contests and Birthdays and Biscuits.


Writing about a bakery – and about someone who lives and breathes baking – has been so much fun.  I’ve had to do a lot of research (including eating a lot of cake – it’s a hard life being a writer sometimes!) and I’ve learned so much about baking. It’s been especially fun because Hannah has been a great character to write. She’s very passionate and determined but also very friendly and positive, the sort of person who loves making friends and helping people. I’ve loved writing about all her life, the ups and downs, her friends and family, the fallings-out and the makings-up as well as about the life of the bakery and the customers who come into the shop. The books have great illustrations by the very talented Kate Hindley who made Hannah’s journal pages really come to life. If you like books about families and friendship then I hope you enjoy reading about Hannah’s world!

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Sugar and Spice A Spoonful of Secrets Cpcakes and Contests Birthdays and Biscuits