Wild Friends

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Emily’s mum and dad work for the WWF which means she gets to go all around the world, making new friends and having some amazing adventures. Wherever Emily goes, there always seems to be an endangered animal who needs her help!


I’ve always been animal-mad and so has my friend, Michelle Misra, so when we were asked if we wanted to write some short chapter books for a conservation charity called WWF we both jumped at the chance! It meant we were able to spend our days watching videos of cute snow leopard cubs and tiger cubs and pandas and polar bears and then making up stories about them. It was great fun researching and writing the books together. Even better, money raised from the sale of the books will go towards helping the WWF with its work protecting animals and their environments throughout the world. In each book, as well as the story itself there are great photos and facts about each of the animals and information about some of the work WWF does. If you are animal-mad and are aged between 5 and 9 then hopefully you will love this series! Also check out the WWF website: